Reduce Prostate Risk

Life Style Changes for Healthy Prostate

Yes, you heard that right. New findings from The University of California support the idea that like most cancers, prostate cancer risk can be significantly reduced simply by improving a few lifestyle habits.

Sounds easy enough, right?

It’s an increasing trend; more and more research seems to suggest that a whole swathe of serious medical problems may be drastically reduced by simple, common sense health choices.

Which Choices, and How?

Well basically, the research conducted by The Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that simply following at least four of The World Cancer Research Fund’s lifestyle recommendations was associated with big drops in the risk of developing prostate cancer.

And the recommendations themselves? They are:

  • Thirty minutes plus of moderate exercise every day
  • Low consumption of red meat, avoiding processed meats
  • Low consumption of energy dense foods high in sugars, fats and low in fibre
  • High consumption of variety of fruits, veggies, wholegrains and legumes
  • Limiting alcohol consumption to two drinks a day for men or for women just one
  • Low consumption of salty foods
  • Not using supplements as substitute for a high nutrient diet
  • Aiming at the lower end of the healthy BMI range

Sound simple? Well, that’s because it is, really. No excuses!

Prostate Cancer Cure Rate High if Caught Quickly

There’s more good news too. If prostate cancer is caught early enough, before spreading, the chances of total treatment is very good. For this reason the severity of prostate is often assessed in terms of ‘aggressiveness’, or how fast it spreads.

The Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center found that men who followed fewer than four of the WCRF’s recommendations had a 38% higher chance of developing an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

It all seems pretty straightforward. Do yourself and your prostate a favour, and start incorporating the WCRF’s recommendations into your lifestyle as soon as possible!