Intenza NZ Ltd is a fast growing nutraceutical therapeutic supplements company based in Auckland (New Zealand) that has been in business since 1997.

Intenza International PTY Ltd is our Australian Company.

Our leading brands have been used successfully by tens of thousands of customers looking for a natural herbal solution. Products in Intenza's portfolio have become trusted brand names in New Zealand because of consistent quality and the considerate customer service our trained staff provide.

Intenza products are contract manufactured to the highest quality standards by Alaron Products Limited, New Zealand’s leading Custom Contract Manufacturer. 

Alaron Products Limited has achieved the strict requirements for registration with the American Food and Drug Administration, US FDA Registration No: 13845165048, and with the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliance program and is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified.

Co-founders Tim Bickerstaff and Jenny Wheeler had a mission to cater for men and women wanting to get the most out of life and started the business in 1997. Former radio talkback host Tim was willing to talk publicly about men’s health issues at a time when many men still preferred to keep silent.

In 2006 Sam Kamani joined the company and became a director in 2010. Under Jenny and Sam the company continued to focus on helping men and women build happy confident lives and better sexual relationships.

In December 2015 Rachelle Kazenbroot and Rob Phillips bought lntenza with the plan to continue with a similar model to the one which has made Herbal Ignite a household name and a trusted brand in the herbal supplements market.

Rachelle is well known in the health industry as a pharmacist who is an owner of two thriving city pharmacies and a well-established online business in Net Pharmacy.

Rob is a Chartered Accountant and has strong commercial experience across a number of sectors including retail, shipping and logistics.

Together they bring complimentary skills to develop and grow the business.

Our origins in New Zealand give us unique natural advantages in clean environment and high manufacturing standards.

Like our nation we have a fresh and open approach to business and encourage innovation.

All our products are made to GMP standards. Men’s Herbal Ignite and Women’s Herbal Ignite are also sold as complementary medicines in Australia.

Intenza was named E-Commerce Marketer Of the Year in the 2014 Auckland Export NZ Awards

The judges noted: “Intenza is a slick, direct sales company, their marketing highlights the products are New Zealand-made to take advantage of our reputation for trust and integrity."

Intenza’s next projects are to further its export markets in Australia, Southeast Asia and China underpinned by protection of its intellectual property offshore.

We care about finding a successful solution to our customer’s health queries.
We do this by:
Handling all calls and orders in house
Dealing with personal questions with discretion and understanding
Giving back to the community through organisations like Hagar International

We are committed to producing health supplements of:
Consistent quality
Consistent effectiveness
Whilst providing consistent customer service
Our goal is consistent company growth in Australasia and the world.

Our business is clearly visible and readily contactable with:
Registered business premises in Auckland, New Zealand
Our customer contracts include a quality guarantee and refund on returned product
We do not automatically debit credit cards or share customer information.


Best quality herbs

We only use best quality herbs and ingredients which are tested at the start and end of the manufacturing process for any impurities so we can make sure that we are providing the best quality product.

At Intenza we are committed to harnessing the holistic benefits of whole natural herbs for pure and powerful solutions for full health and vigor into midlife.

Our Health Warrant of Fitness includes commitment to:
Quality. It’s not the number of years we live but the life in the years
Vitality. We no longer accept an automatic decline in sexual health and relationships with age

Intenza NZ Ltd’s products are manufactured in New Zealand’s South Island, in an environment famous world-wide for its pristine mountains and forests, and unpolluted air and water, free from pesticide or heavy metal contamination. The manufacturing facility operates according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards, and testing is conducted according to Quality Assurance principles. Our raw material supplier is ISO9001/HACCP accredited and only sources herbal extracts from approved suppliers able to provide consistently high quality materials. All herbal suppliers are required to be also committed to GMP principles.
About our production facility
Manufactured is according to the best in manufacturing practice, in a facility which is also registered to produce quality supplements for the Australian market under the Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA) protocols.

All the raw materials in Intenza products are guaranteed free of microbial, heavy metal and pesticide contamination. The products undergoes a rigorous testing regime before and during the manufacturing process to ensure we offer herbal products of a consistently high quality which meets full specifications for every batch.


We promise you the best quality care through the best quality products, manufactured with the purest ingredients, backed up by the best quality customer service.

Product safety has been assessed to Australian and New Zealand Guidelines and our products are free from potentially harmful synthetic ingredients. We are proud to make following promises to our customers:

No lead or dangerous metal residues
No ingredients we consider potentially harmful
No Herbicide or Pesticide Residues
No Genetically Modified Ingredients
No Animal Testing
Always Use the Highest Quality Herbs